What it is

Two kinds of software exist:

  • Off-the-shelf software aka canned software is general purpose software that is readily available and cheap and is built to address the needs of most companies.
  • Bespoke software aka custom software is special purpose software built for you according to your specified requirements


Why/When consider custom software

It may make sense to go the custom software route if custom software can provide you:
– a competitive advantage in relation to your competitors
– your business is large enough to amortize the cost of the proprietary solution over a large number of clients

Off-the-shelf software while cheap may prove to be less than flexible and difficult to adapt to your normal day-to-day operations resulting in a lot of inefficiency.
Off-the-shelf software may be inappropriate for you if your needs are specialized.

Off-the-shelf software may have problems integrating with other software required to run your business, hence the need for a custom solution that easily and readily inter-operates with the disparate solutions required to run your business.

Or even more important, control and ownership of the software that runs your business is necessary or desirable as a strategic asset.

Balancing your company’s immediate needs with its long term growth can led to the “build versus buy” decision in respect of your software needs, however, you should not go the custom software route if you have a limited budget, lack the time to follow through, there is terrific off-the-shelf software for your business use case and the technology would not put you at a competitive advantage

We develop bespoke software solutions, tailored to fit your peculiar requirements. We deliver on time and on budget.

          Do you need to automate a process?
          Do you need a software to run your business or at least some aspects of it?
          Do you wish to keep track of information, monitor or control a process?

Custom software may be what you need to do just that.


Sometimes off the shelf software is a misfit for your unique requirements. When that happens, you need custom software, software built just for you, to meet your unique circumstances and requirements.





Prices start from USD 500.00

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