When do you need a data recovery specialist?

  • If you have an unreliable backup system
  • If you have a backup and restore failure
  • If extensive time is required for restore from the backup process
  • If it is impractical and/or impossible to re-create the data
  • If you have an unbootable system
  • If you have a mirrired or RAID system failure
  • If you have data that you think has been intentionally altered or destroyed
  • If you have accidentally altered or destroyed data
  • If you have corrupted or deleted MS SQL or MS Exchange database files
  • If your drive has suffered from CHKDSK Damage
  • If you have FDISK’ed drives
  • If your PC/server reports that it has an invalid volume
  • If you mistakenly performed a volume overwrite
  • If your PC/server reports invalid/missing volume definitions
  • If your PC/server reports invalid volume/Hotfix/Mirror
  • If you have lost data from your virtual machine/PC
  • If you have Super Block/Group Table/Inode corruption
  • If your drive(s) have been damaged by utility use (fsck)
  • If you have a deleted or repartitioned file system

Some causes of data loss necessitating data recovery solutions include:

  • Formating and reformatting
  • Damaged File Allocation Tables (FAT) and Master File Tables (MFT)
  • Deleted partitions
  • Repartitioning
  • Virus attack
  • Lost RAID configurations
  • Boot sectors in non-working condition
  • Corrupt volume tables and definitions
  • Human Error
  • Natural disasters

Why use Niche Konsult’s Data Recovery Solution

File Types and Formats we can recover

  • Files created by Microsoft Office
  • Emails created by programs such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail
  • Microsoft Sharepoint files
  • Lotus Notes files
  • Oracle Database files
  • Files created by Digital Cameras
  • Adobe Reader files
  • Exchange Server files
  • SQL Server files

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Prices start from USD 100.00

Next Steps

Your chances for full data recovery are much higher if you stop using the device right away. Don’t format, don’t flash, don’t try to reinstall, just call us. We’ll do our best to recovery your valuable data