Fluke Networks’ AirMagnet series of products facilitate security and analysis on WLANs.  AirMagnet Planner helps customers develop an accurate plan for Wireless Network deployment.  From building out the proposed wireless environment to 802.11n Modeling and Automated WLAN Modeling – the AirMagnet Planner is a great place to start.

The AirMagnet WiFi Analyzer with the AirWISE(R) engine, automatically detects the root cause of numerous security and performance issues within the network, explaining alarm conditions in easily understood terms with recommendations on how to manage and resolve any issues.

AirMagnet VoFI Analyzer is an excellent tool to recognize and diagnose any voice quality conditions when deploying Voice over IP over WiFi.

For enterprise deployments, the AirMagnet Enterprise offers a centralized system that proactively protects WiFi networks and users from a variety of network threats including Threat Tracing, Threat Blocking and Suppression, Threat Mapping and more.

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