What it is

With Niche Konsult’s file and mail tracking solutions individuals and organizations can:

* electronically determine the current location of any file or mail from the comfort of your computer

* Identify the various stops it made in transit

* Indicate the time files or mail spend with an officer

* Identify when a file or mail moves and to whom

* Eliminate the waste of time spent rumaging through inward and outward registers in the course of tracking a file or mail

FileMailTracka achieves the above by capturing, just once and for all, in the case of a file such properties as the file reference number, the file subject, officer either collecting or transferring a file, date file received by a particular officer, date file dispatched by that particular officer (and doing this for all the officers within the system) and in the case of a mail such properties as the Sender, Mail Reference Number, Subject, Date Mail Received.

This information is used to automate the tracking of mail or file movement from officer to officer through the system, and to obtain instantaneous information as to the precise location of any given file or mail item at any time, to computerize the generation of File and Mail usage reports such as Morning List.

Once deployed, Niche Konsult’s file and mail tracking solution reduces the drudgery faced by file and mail clerks, results in enormous time-savings, and instantaneous file or mail location information, amongst others. The solution is currently available with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or later as the database back-end.

System Requirements – Client

Any web browser

System Requirements – Server

  • SQL Server 2008 Express, Standard or Enterprise
  • Windows Server 2008 up
  • IIS or UltiDev Cassini Web Server

Next steps

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