Radmin – is one of the safest, fastest and most popular remote access software solutions designed for Windows. It supports remote computer access from anywhere over a LAN or via the Internet in multiple modes, including Full Control, View Only, File Transfer, and Telnet.

Radmin features:

  • Remote control of computers over a LAN or via the Internet;
  • Remote desktop access;
  • File transfer;
  • Text Chat and Voice Chat with remote users;
  • Telnet Mode.

With Radmin you can:

  • Provide help desk support for your employees and customers;
  • Administer networks remotely;
  • Monitor employees’ service quality;
  • Work remotely.


  • Highest operating speed and image transfer quality;
  • Reliable data protection and stable operation;
  • Remote installation on network computers;
  • User-friendly interface and ease of use;
  • Free technical support;
  • Attractive pricing.

Licensing policy

Radmin 3 consists of two modules, Radmin Viewer 3 and Radmin Server 3, for installation on local and remote computers, respectively. Only Radmin Server 3 requires a license. One license allows Radmin Server 3 to be installed on a single PC.

License Name Valid for Price, USD ($)
Radmin 3 – Standard license single
remote PC
per license
Radmin 3 – 50-license package up to 50
remote PCs
per package
Radmin 3 – 100-license package up to 100
remote PCs
per package
Radmin 3 – 150-license package up to 150
remote PCs
per package

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