Doctor Web is a Russian developer of information security software. Dr.Web anti-viruses have been developed since

Dr.Web anti-virus products are based on a unique technology of detection and curing which few anti-virus vendors
can boast. Doctor Web is one of a few anti-virus vendors in the world that owns its technologies for detecting and
curing malware, has its own virus monitoring service and analytical laboratory. This provides a rapid response to
latest threats and allows to solve any problems of customers in a few hours.

The novelty of technological solutions offered to the cyber world became the key factor of Dr.Web’ success. Many
functionalities implemented in Dr.Web became de-facto standards for the whole AV-industry.

The Dr.Web development team responds on-the-fly to market requirements and continuously offers new efficient
components and applications for cyber protection. Our strategic goal is the development of the highest grade anti-
virus protection, providing an insuperable barrier to all present-day and future computer threats without exception.
Numerous certificates and awards received by the Dr.Web anti-virus, as well as the geography of our customers are
the best evidence of exceptional trust to the products created by the talented Russian programmers

” You don’t have to be a big company to stop viruses. All you need is a good technology developed and maintained by a team of devoted people. Devoted to the cyber-world of security.” – Igor Daniloff, author of Dr. Web Anti-virus

Igor Daniloff created Dr. Web antivirus in 1992. Doctor Web is one of the few antivirus vendors in the world that owns its own technologies for detecting and curing malware.

Dr. Web can be found online at the following locations:

Dr. Web is headquartered at Moscow, Russia but also has offices in St.Petersburg, Russia; Kiev, Ukraine; Almaty, Kazakstan; Hanau, Germany; Strasbourg, France; Kawasaki, Japan; Tjanjin, China

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