McAfee Products A to Z Listing


Active Virus Defense [Large Enterprise]
Active VirusScan [Large Enterprise]
Anti-Theft (for Home and Home Office)
AntiSpyware [Medium Business]
AntiSpyware Enterprise [Large Enterprise]


Content Security Blade Server [Large Enterprise]


Device Control [Large Enterprise]


E-Business Client [Large Enterprise]
E-Business Server [Large Enterprise]
E-Business Server Native APIs [Large Enterprise]
E-Business Server Partner Edition [Large Enterprise]
E-Business Server for OS/390 [Large Enterprise]
Email Gateway [Large Enterprise]
Email Security Appliance [Large Enterprise]
Email Security Service [Large Enterprise]
Email and Web Security Appliance [Medium Business]
Encrypted USB [Large Enterprise]
Endpoint Encryption [Large Enterprise]
ePolicy Orchestrator [Large Enterprise]


Firewall Enterprise [Large Enterprise]


Host Data Loss Prevention [Large Enterprise]
Host Intrusion Prevention for desktop [Large Enterprise]
Host Intrusion Prevention for desktops [Medium Business]
Host Intrusion Prevention for server [Large Enterprise]
Host Intrusion Prevention for servers [Medium Business]


Internet Security (for Home and Home Office)


Mobile Content Safety [Large Enterprise]
Mobile Security for Carriers [Large Enterprise]
Mobile Security for Device Manufacturers [Large Enterprise]
Mobile Security for Enterprise [Large Enterprise]


NetShield for NetWare [Large Enterprise]
Network Access Control [Large Enterprise]
Network DLP Discover [Large Enterprise]
Network DLP Manager [Large Enterprise]
Network DLP Monitor [Large Enterprise]
Network DLP Prevent [Large Enterprise]
Network Security Manager [Large Enterprise]
Network Security Platform [Large Enterprise]
Network User Behavior Analysis [Large Enterprise]


PCI Certification Service [Large Enterprise]
Policy Auditor [Large Enterprise]


Remediation Manager [Large Enterprise]
Risk Advisor [Large Enterprise]
Risk and Compliance Manager [Large Enterprise]


Security for Email Servers [Large Enterprise]
Security for Microsoft ISA Server [Large Enterprise]
Security for Microsoft SharePoint [Large Enterprise]
Security for Microsoft Sharepoint [Medium Business]
SecurityShield for Microsoft ISA Server [Medium Business]
SiteAdvisor [Large Enterprise]
SiteAdvisor Plus (for Home and Home Office)
SmartFilter [Large Enterprise]


Total Protection (for Home and Home Office)
Total Protection Service [Large Enterprise]
Total Protection for Compliance – Desktops [Large Enterprise]
Total Protection for Data [Large Enterprise]
Total Protection for Endpoint [Large Enterprise]
Total Protection for Internet Gateways [Large Enterprise]
Total Protection for Secure Business [Medium Business]
Total Protection for Virtualization [Large Enterprise]


Unified Threat Management (UTM) Firewall [Large Enterprise]


VirusScan [Small Business]
VirusScan Command Line Scanner [Large Enterprise]
VirusScan Enterprise [Large Enterprise]
VirusScan Enterprise for Linux [Large Enterprise]
VirusScan Enterprise for Offline Virtual Images [Large Enterprise]
VirusScan Enterprise for SAP [Large Enterprise]
VirusScan Plus (for Home and Home Office)
VirusScan USB (for Home and Home Office)
VirusScan for Mac [Large Enterprise]
VirusScan for Storage [Large Enterprise]
Vulnerability Assessment SaaS (formerly Web Security Service) [Large Enterprise]
Vulnerability Management Service [Large Enterprise]
Vulnerability Manager [Large Enterprise]


Web Gateway [Large Enterprise]
Web Protection Service [Large Enterprise]
Web Security Appliance [Large Enterprise]

McAfee Products/Solutions Targeted at the Home

McAfee VirusScan Plus

McAfee Internet Security (3 user)

McAfee Internet Security (3 user)

McAfee Total Protection (3 user)

McAfee Family Protection

McAfee Anti-Theft File Protection

McAfee Products/Solutions Targeted at Small and Medium Businesses

McAfee Total Protection Service

McAfee Total Protection Service Advanced

McAfee Active VirusScan

McAfee VirusScan for Mac

McAfee Total Protection for EndPoint

McAfee Email Security Service

McAfee Anti-Spyware

McAfee Products/Solutions Targeted at Medium Businesses

McAfee Security-as-a-Service

McAfee Total Protection for Secure Business

McAfee Products/Solutions Targeted at Enterprises

Email and Web Security

Data Protection

Security Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Mobile Security

Network Security

Risk and Compliance

System Security

Virtualization Security

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