Niche Konsult is an information technology security firm. Niche Konsult provides software and solutions that help individuals, small and medium size businesses, large companies and governments optimize and secure their information technology infrastructure. For more information, please visit

Niche Konsult was founded as a business name in 1999 with business registration number PH-046765 and became a limited liability company in 2008 with Company Registration Number 733239.

In 2002, Niche Konsult begun diversification into Information technology consulting as a value added reseller and in 2007, Niche Konsult became an independent software vendor by developing custom-software solutions for a number of clients in addition to its value added resellership business.

Through the confidence we inspire in one-off tasks, we expect to move to the next rung of the ladder, in which you can view us as a subject matter expert, and can call on us for advice in our particular areas of expertise.

We prefer to be allowed to participate in the framing of the problem, rather than just responding to your pre-conceived idea for a solution. We do not imagine that if we enlighten you, we put ourselves out of a job. We rather assume that you desire a provider that can lay out the options clearly and in business not technical language, enlighten you on the implications of a particular option, and guide you through the decision making process. We loathe conflicts of interest, one-size-fits-all solutions and technological bigotry. If you admire the same traits, then come right over, you’re in good company. Niche Konsult is headquartered in Abuja, Nigeria. For more information about Niche Konsult, visit or call any of these numbers:0706 349 3400, 0802 951 0262, 0802 760 4957.


When you need Niche Konsult!

You need Niche Konsult when:


  • you are planning a computer purchase
  • you are planning a hardware or software upgrade
  • you need to integrate your computers into an existing or planned communication network
  • you want to build a communications infrastructure from scratch or rebuild same (whether for carrying data, voice, video, or for carrying a combination of data,voice, and video)
  • you want to webcast your proceedings, conferences and events
  • you want to protect your data from theft or destruction
  • you need to ensure that you purchase software that suits your needs and is appropriate for your hardware
  • you need training services to explain how to use the hardware and software
  • you need ongoing information to alert you to new developments in the technology or better ways to use your existing technology
  • you require maintenance services (to ensure the continued operation of your information and communication infrastructure)
  • you want to streamline production, design and engineering development, marketing, distribution, order ) processing, maintenance and thus, replace overheads with cost-savings in your balance sheet
  • you need to improve the internal management process through greater centralization of certain managerial support functions
  • you want to migrate to a different computer platform (whether hardware or software)

Why Niche Konsult?

You need Niche Konsult because:

  • We provide a single point of contact so you get efficient centralized purchasing
  • We send you fewer invoice so you spend less time managing support from multiple vendors
  • We bring to the relationship our thorough understanding of your ICT platform courtesy of our familiarity with technology and its interoperability
  • We enter into a well-documented and written contractual service agreement so you know what to expect from us
  • We provide you quarterly service performance evaluation reports so you can measure our performance
  • We are open to your concerns, anticipate your needs, and work with you to deliver ICT solutions that fit your budget, your needs and most important keep you in business
  • We save you time, save you money, and put you first